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Many Hats of Mum

We are so ‘busy’ in this modern world that we take on many roles and responsibilities. This was the thought that crept into my mind one frazzled afternoon. As a mum I find I have to wear many different ‘hats’ (not real ones, hypothetical ones). I counted that in as many as one day I would have to slip in and out of as many as 8 different roles. Now that is a tiring thought all on its own! No wonder I suffer with a brain that forgets the simplest of things e.g. why I walked into the room, get muddled easily or simply didn’t hear what you said as I was distracted!

The Hats

Below is a list of ‘hats’ that most parents will find they have to wear almost on a daily basis. I’m sure there are many many more, so please do let me know as I probably haven’t even come across them yet!

Mum/Dad/Parent – this category has to have ‘sub-hats’ (totally made that up). This is where there are roles we have to take on, with immediate effect, regarding the kiddies. This can be in the form of:

  1. Discipline
  2. Childcare
  3. Teacher
  4. Entertainer
  5. Mediator
  6. Negotiator
  7. Cook
  8. Taxi
  9. Comforter
  10. Nurse
  11. Cleaner

Wife – I have to make sure that I consciously remember that my husband is my other half, who has also had a busy day, and re-remind my self that he isn’t just a body to unload my day on too.

Work – I may be self-employed and work from home but I still have to put in the hours! This is usually when Jack is at preschool and I can get Liam to take his nap. If not I work in the evenings or early mornings. Needs must and all that.

Cleaner – well the place ain’t going to clean itself!

Cook – Lucky for me my husband is a good cook and enjoys it, bonus! I do cook for the kids though, usually before he gets in from work.

Taxi – If it isn’t taking Jack to preschool, it’s dropping hubby to work, or taking Liam to an appointment, or food shopping or just anything. Some days I do as many as 8 trips, which is 8 times I have to get kids in and out of the car, not easy with an 11 month old in a car seat and a defiant 3 year old!

Life Admin – there is always some form of paperwork that needs completing, filing or responding too. Not to mention sending emails, making calls and making decisions. Blah blah blah… boring but essential!

Carer/Nurse – this made the list purely for when immediate family members are poorly and feeling under the weather. As a mum we naturally take on this duty no matter what time of the day it is.


Considering the above, it looks as though I am writing my CV. I guess, in a funny way, it does represent the many skills I have had to acquire, and now possess, to successfully make it through each day. To me it is a success, if everyone is still living and breathing, and managing to force out even the tiniest of smiles by the end of the day, then for me that’s a win!


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