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To cut a long story short I never went back to the job I left after having my first child. Instead I managed to land myself a job working from home looking after an online Amazon store for a local company. This really was pure luck, as the turmoil I endured throughout maternity leave was horrible. That, and suffering from Post Natal Depression (PND) at the time. I had tried all sorts of ventures to try and make something work before decision day came. This included an MLM company, getting crafty, training as a make-up artist (which I still withhold the knowledge), looking into setting up a business and the amount of times I started blogging but didn’t see it through was countless!

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When I got the job I knew how lucky I was. It was tough but worth it. I was able to look after bubba, keep on top of the house and bring in some money at the same time. As I learnt new skills the job role changed over the months that followed. I then became more involved with the content writing, blogging and social media side of the company. All was going fairly smoothly, that was until baby number two came along.

I now had two children, with a two year age gap, to look after. Along with holding down a 20 hour a week job, house and anything else that came my way. It all got too much, the demands on me and my time were getting greater and greater, and when my youngest was 18 months, that’s it, I broke down. It had all gotten too much, I couldn’t take the pressure anymore, something had to give!

After a long chat with my husband and bucket loads of tears (mine) we decided that the only thing that could possibly ease the pressure was my workload. In order to look after the children I had to look after myself. So the next day that is exactly what I did – I handed in my notice. At the time it made me feel sick to the stomach, but at the same time strangely comforting. I knew wholeheartedly it was the right thing to do!

Stay at home mum

I now had this new outlook. I didn’t have any deadlines or pressure on me to get something done. I was able to solely focus on my family, which is exactly what I did. I was able to arrange play-dates, have people over, not go out if I didn’t want too, the only thing I had to watch was money (lack of). The house was tidy, I felt in control, I was actually on top of everything.

I loved it, for a while, but slowly had the feeling of ‘this isn’t me’ creeping in. I like to use my brain, be independent, and contribute to the household financially. I knew the pressure I had was now upon my husbands shoulders – financial pressure is an awful thing! My husband and I had given ourselves a time frame of six months to see where we were. After a month I knew one of things I wanted to do was to have my own blog, always have. As I didn’t have the financial pressure I had before I knew that now was the time to get it locked down. So, here is the result, The Motor Mum. I knew it wasn’t going to make me any money, but I love it and it’s my little space to do with as I wish!

Positive Thoughts

After a pretty rough time I was starting to feel more in line with myself, and after much deliberation, exploration and honesty I had narrowed down the path I wanted to take. Well, it came to me a little earlier than expected. The company I used to work for required a copywriter. I was in a much a better place and the work load suited my circumstances so I jumped at the opportunity to apply for the job. It was a nerve-wracking few days as I knew this is what I wanted, and it would be ideal, so I sent all the positive vibes out I could into the universe (law of attraction) and in return I was rewarded for my efforts. I now feel like I’m happier, hubby is happier, and I feel like I have a better work/life balance.

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Benefits to working from home:

You can set your own hours

You can work at your own pace

You can work around other commitments

You can work around your family/children

You can be there when needed

You can earn some money

You can set a good example

There is no commute!

Disadvantages to working from home:

You have to self-motivate

It can get lonely

There is the possibility of distraction

You have to fit work around family / children

You often have to work evenings and weekends

There are no set working times

There is no holidays or sick pay (self-employed)

All in all…

I know I am extremely lucky to be able to work from home, around my children, but please don’t assume it’s rosy all of the time. A lot of forward planning is required to make each day go smoothly, and some days it is a complete epic fail. I feel at the moment I have a nice balance which I am extremely grateful for.

I’m in a good place now, I love what I do and I can care for my family – even if it means running around like a blue arsed fly a lot of the time – you get me!


5 responses to “Working from home”

  1. Mother Perry says:

    I really enjoyed reading this. I think that money and going back to work is the most worrying thing when you’re on Mat leave and going back to a job that’s too demanding takes it’s toll. It’s good you managed to find a way to work from home and suit your hours.

  2. Such a good pros and cons list – I’ve been self-employed for seven years now, ever since University. So I can completely understand these feels! (minus the baby stuff)

  3. Alice Spake says:

    Working from home is such hard work! People just don’t realise at all xx

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