Winter Car Checklist – your guide to the Winter Car Kit

Welcome to your winter car checklist. So, we are now heading into the winter months which means cold temperatures and the possibility of snow! When you are out and about in your car the roads can turn quite treacherous fairly quickly, or it may be that you simply do not have a choice but to venture out despite the weather conditions.

Snow covered cars

A lot of us rely on our vehicles for work, school run, visiting sick relatives etc, so being without the car is not usually an option. Having a winter car kit prepares you should the worse happen, and provides slight peace of mind.

Here are a few tips to consider to prepare you and your vehicle for the winter months ahead.

Basic Car Maintenance

First and foremost ensure you keep on top of the basic maintenance for your car. The details of which can be found here. I would like to highlight the importance of using antifreeze screenwash as you may find the wipers are being used a lot more than normal during these months, especially with the grit/salt spray. It is also worth using antifreeze coolant as this is what is used to ensure your engine does not overheat.

Before driving

Ensure your windows are clear before driving off. This could include demisting. It is always a good idea to keep a bottle or can of de-icer to hand for those frosty mornings. Now available on the market is a ‘night before de-icer’. This might be useful if you are a bit pushed for time in the mornings.

The Winter Car Kit

It is worth having the following items in the car should you find yourself stuck in snow or traffic on a cold night. We have all seen the news stories of motorists who have spent the night on the motorway. One day, it could be you. Oh and be sure to consider your passengers too if you have any!


This may seem obvious however do make sure you have enough fuel in the car.


There you have it, get ticking off your winter car checklist items now!


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