Review of CinderELLA at Nuffield Southampton Theatres

CinderELLA shall go to the ball! Well, the Midnight Ballroom that is. I was invited along to the Press Night* for CinderELLA A New Musical at the Nuffield Southampton Theatres – NST City. What a magical night it was. It was full of high-octane music, some twists, some turns and many laugh out loud moments!

CinderELLA Dress

CinderELLA Overview

CinderELLA is a musical comedy, and is a great adaptation on the original Cinderella story. Firstly, you have a younger Cinders who is beyond her years, and an older Ella who feels young at heart, yet feels like time is slipping away. Together, they meet somewhere in the middle and get on like a house on fire.

Prince charming, isn’t erm, charming, a Policeman who isn’t quite all that he seems, and the reopening of The Grand Ballroom isn’t what you would expect. Keeping up? Good! Then there are the two nasty step-sisters, Melania and Ivanka. Well, all I can say about them is they certainly are ‘characters’.

Ella's Step-Niece's
Photographer – The Other Richard

My Review

Personally, I thought the show was fabulous right from the start. It was far from anything that I expected, in a great way! Any adaptation on a classic is always a risk, but there needn’t be any fear here, the acting was on point and faultless. There were a many great moments throughout the show and I felt connected to all them, from the more poignant moments through to the very funny, witty and outlandish ones! The music was brilliant, and the cast are extremely talented and versatile. I was captivated, and found myself so engrossed in the story, the characters and the music.

The Grand Ballroom, Policeman, Prince Charming
Photographer – The Other Richard

Each character held their own, and were amazing in their own right, however I feel a special mention is needed for the two step-nieces who bounced off each other incredibly well!

My only criticism, and I think parent in me, would be that I think the show would be suited better for viewers aged 11+ as some of the content, I felt, was aimed at a slightly older audience than the billed 7+ age recommendation. Saying that, as a parent or guardian, you know your children better than anybody, and those I spoke to on the night who were 7/8 years old thoroughly enjoyed the performance!

The Venue – NST City

The theatre itself is extremely modern and has such a classy yet welcoming feel to it. It feels a lot larger inside that it appears from the outside. There are several floors that cater for theatre goers, and the décor is stylish and modern. There is a decent sized waiting area with a bar, and a smaller separate kiosk type area for snacks and merchandise. It was a pleasant surprise that drinks purchased from the bar area were allowed to be taken through to where we were sat. It felt like a trusted and safe place to be. All the staff were extremely friendly and helpful.

It is set in the Centre of Southampton City with easy access to buses, trains and car parking.

NST City Outside

What’s not to like about CinderELLA

Overall, I came away from the show feeling extremely elated. It was such a feel-good performance you would be hard pushed not to come away feeling the same. You know something is good when the majority of the audience is snorting with laughter!

Cinders and Ella
Photographer – The Other Richard

CinderELLA is on from now until the 5th January 2020 and tickets can be purchased from as little as £10, but do be quick if you want to catch this family friendly, very funny, feel-good Christmas Theatre Show. Tickets can be purchased from here or thorough the Box Office contactable on 023 8067 1771 (open Mon-Fri 10am-6pm and Sat 10am-4pm).

*Note: I would like to make it clear that I was gifted tickets in exchange for a review of CinderELLA. All views and opinions are my own.


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