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Weaning my second baby

I have an 11 month old, baby Liam, who I have weaned since around 6 months old. I have found him to be far more challenging than my first, Jack, to wean. Liam was three weeks early and was only 5lb 12oz when born. He was dinky, and I suspect this may have something to do with how I have found weaning with him. Liam…

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10 signs that you’re living with a threenager

You make it through the terrible twos (boy weren’t they challenging) expecting a little break perhaps, until the THREENAGER mini beast is released! Your 3 going 13 year old is unrecognisable and is really, and I mean reeeally testing the boundaries. I certainly was not prepared for what a 3 year old would bring to the household. Some days all I want to do is…

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Shock to the System

Holy Cow! When I thought having one child was challenging enough, we then went and threw another into the mix! Some days I get so completely overwhelmed with being responsible for two little people, I just crumble. I go through several thought processes including the regularly talked about ‘mum guilt’ and the ‘i’m not parenting well enough today’ guilt (not just today, feels like days,…

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Is your 3 year old a fussy eater?

Jack has always been a pretty good eater since we started to wean him from 6 months. He was not a puree kind of kid due to his awful reflux so we were naturally guided towards baby led weaning, which he took to amazingly! Since then, he has only really gone off his food when he was teething, feeling a bit under the weather or…

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