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Help my car won’t start

Let me just set the scene… it’s Sunday morning, we are all fed, dressed and the dog has been walked. For Jack it is his first day back at football and hasn’t stopped talking about it for the past two days. He has his training kit on and ready to go. Its 9:40am, both Jack and Dan (my hubby, his dad) get into the car…

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New Year New Start – what I want from 2019

I am not one for normally making new year resolutions, however after a rather pitiful 2018 it feels really important to me to start this new year off on the right foot. I want 2019 to become memorable for all the right reasons, so I am creating this post as a benchmark, something I can reflect on when the year comes to a close. Happiness…

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How to Survive a Road Trip with Kids

It is inevitable that a road trip with kids will have to be endured at one time or another. I have created this handy little guide to give you some tips on how to keep the little ones happy on a long journey. Also, to help alleviate some built up tension you may be experiencing when thinking about the day as it approaches. Despite their…

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Best Car Cleaning Tips – to make cleaning the car easier

Everyone dislikes the idea of cleaning the car inside and out, however it has to be done. You wouldn’t live in a dirty house so why a dirty car! If you hate it that much why not get all of the family involved, or better still use it as a pocket money earner for the older kids. You could even give them a copy of…

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Winter Car Checklist – your guide to the Winter Car Kit

Welcome to your winter car checklist. So, we are now heading into the winter months which means cold temperatures and the possibility of snow! When you are out and about in your car the roads can turn quite treacherous fairly quickly, or it may be that you simply do not have a choice but to venture out despite the weather conditions. A lot of us…

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