New Year New Start – what I want from 2019

I am not one for normally making new year resolutions, however after a rather pitiful 2018 it feels really important to me to start this new year off on the right foot. I want 2019 to become memorable for all the right reasons, so I am creating this post as a benchmark, something I can reflect on when the year comes to a close.

Happy New Year 2019


I am not only referring to my happiness here, but also of those who surround me, especially my husband and the children. It is a big year for our eldest, who is starting school in September. In theory it seems ages away, yet in reality I know time is going to pass so quickly. I want to treasure every moment I can whilst I have him at home with me!

I would love nothing more than for my happiness to radiate to those around me. To work towards even scratching the surface of this I have set personal goals for health, work and this blog! Some specific and others more for my physical and mental well being.


2018 saw my diagnosis of asthma. Minor to most but it really took me by surprise. Struggling to breathe and gradually getting worse for the best part of 3 months was awful. It was scary at times. The doctors had to go through a process to diagnose, hence the time scale! I think what shocked me the most was that it was completely out of my control. I wasn’t aware you could even develop it in your 30s (second most common age group)! Of course I’m fine, but I do have to take inhalers with me everywhere and make sure I take the stabiliser one twice a day!

Anyway, I want to be the very best version of myself. I think it made me realise I need to look after myself not just for me but for the sake of my two little boys.

A positive from 2018 was that I lost a stone and a half, basically most of my baby weight, which I plan to keep off! I feel really good for it, yet I would like to lose a little more so that I can be at my healthiest and happiest. This includes eating right and drinking plenty of water (which I am very bad at doing)! Coffee queen over here, too much caffeine.


When I say wealth, I mean work. I didn’t go back to work when Jack was born and I know I am extremely fortunate to be able to stay at home looking after my boys. However, its never something I have considered being long term. I have always been a career driven type of woman and this feeling hasn’t just disappeared because I had children. Of course I would love for this blog to take off and work its magic but that isn’t going to happen overnight, so I am going to come up with a plan of action to re-establish myself as a career woman with kids! Only trouble is, i’m struggling to decide on a career path!

Here’s to 2019

What I have written above seems realistic and achievable. I’m extremely determined, and have a very good work ethic, so I can’t foresee much getting in the way of me and my mindset this year. I’m sure there will be ups and downs, but I will have to take it all in my stride (that’s one thing I learnt from last year).

Whether you have made, not made or in the process of making new year resolutions, don’t let anything get in your way from doing what you enjoy, and trying to make your life the way you want it to be. Go get it!

Happy New Year!


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  1. Love this! Wow, I didn’t realise you can develop asthma in your 30s! Glad you figured out what it was and are feeling better! I had it as a child and into my 20s and then grew out of it. My husband has had it since childhood and continues to have it at 41. Our children don’t stand a chance, poor things!

    • Thank you! I’m so pleased they did, and i’m feeling so much better. I’ve heard of childhood asthma and individuals growing out of it. Unfortunately, mine won’t go now, but least its something that can be managed, as you know with your husband.

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