Health Benefits of Water

Water, Water, Everywhere by Jillian Marker

We wash in it,
and splash in it,
but that’s not all –
we pour it on our plants and crops
to make them strong and tall.

We boil it up
and cool it down,
to make ourselves a drink,
but there’s much more to water,
thank you would ever think.

Water rushes, runs and trickles,
and it can even freeze.
It can seep and soak and creep
to almost anywhere you please.

And without it your poor body,
would be in an awful mess.
If there was no such thing as water,
you would all weigh two thirds less.

Well, if that poem doesn’t give you an insight in to how important water is then I’m not sure what will. Not only do our bodies need it in order to survive, but we need it to grow the food we eat which will keep us alive. I’m a poet and I didn’t know it!

Glass of Water

Why am I writing this?

I recently took up the challenge to drink more water. Primarily to see if I could recognise any health benefits of water first hand. It wasn’t a huge challenge, just one where you drank one glass more a day than what you normally would. I thought it was realistic and something I could manage. At the end of each day I was tasked to note how I felt. To be honest I didn’t expect a lot out of it. The one thing I did know was I wanted to lessen the amount of caffeine I drank in a day as this was not helping me with my anxiety.

Health Benefits of water

There are so many health benefits to drinking water, I have however whittled it down to twelve.

1. Increased Energy

If you are looking to increase your energy then look no further than a glass of the clear stuff! Staying hydrated is one of the top ways to keep that energy going.

2. Increased Brainpower

Believe it or not 73% of your brain is made up of water. That’s a heck of a lot! Think how much water is required to keep that going! If you are dehydrated, your brain simply cannot function at its full capacity, especially attention and memory.

Female drinking water from a glass

3. Promotes Healthy Weight Management

Staying hydrated could help improve your metabolism, great for fat burning. It does also help you to feel more full, providing signals to your brain to stop eating!

4. And Weight Loss

Same as above, a glass or two of water before a meal could help you feel fuller, although… not sure how many trips to the bathroom you might need!?

5. Skin Complexion

Your skin will love you for drinking enough water and staying hydrated. Lack of water tires the skin, making it look dull, dry and simply run down.

6. Prevents headaches, backaches, cramps and sprains

Amazing stuff water! Works in the most unexpected ways. When you stay hydrated your body is optimised. The brain has enough water to function, along with your organs and muscles, and your joints are well oiled!

Man with hand on lower back suffering with back pain

7. Boosts Immune System

Now who hates getting sick! Hands up right here! I hate being ill, and I cant afford to be off work, or face looking after the children when poorly. So as a result, drinking enough water actually strengthens your immune system. Who knew, right!

8. Helps Regulate Body Temperature

We all perspire, some more than others, and especially when the seasons change. Perspiration is the way our body reacts to temperature change and how it regulates our body temperature. As a result, we need to top it up, you got it, with water!

9. Toxins

Drinking lots of water is known to flush out the toxins and impurities out of the body that it doesn’t need. That can only be a good thing.

10. Prevents bad breath

Yup, you read that right. Drinking water prevents stinky, smelly breath. When you drink water it washes away any left over food particles and bacteria in the mouth.

11. Takes the edge off hangovers

Not sure about you, but someone once told me to have a glass of water in between every drink. Sounds great in theory, but you wouldn’t ever leave the toilet. I guess its a toss between that, or having the hangover. I think staying well hydrated, knowing your limits and yes, having a glass of water or two, can only help.

12. Better Mood

Overall, drinking enough water and staying hydrated puts you in a better mood! No explanation needed!

Men and women jumping for joy

My findings

I don’t know why but I was pretty sceptical at first. For the first couple of days I didn’t notice anything had changed. From about day 4 I noticed I wasn’t getting the, what I call ‘afternoon slump’, where at about 3pm/4pm I would feel ever so tired and resist the urge to nap. Instead, I did feel a bit tired but my body kept on going.

Up until about a month ago I used to suffer with very tiny spots/bumps on my forehead. Well, they have completely gone. I’ve tried a lot of products to try and get rid of them, with no joy. It seems a little coincidental that my skin has cleared up. I’ve also had a couple of people tell me I’ve got a bit of a glow.

Finally, I have noticed that my anxiety has been better controlled. I strongly believe this has something to do with drinking more water and less caffeine.

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