Best Car Cleaning Tips – to make cleaning the car easier

Everyone dislikes the idea of cleaning the car inside and out, however it has to be done. You wouldn’t live in a dirty house so why a dirty car! If you hate it that much why not get all of the family involved, or better still use it as a pocket money earner for the older kids. You could even give them a copy of this guide to make life simpler. They can use it as a checklist and it ensures that no area is overlooked!

Exterior Car Cleaning Tips

Car being washed

TIP – to save some time why not wash the car mats whilst you are washing the car. That way they will be dry and ready to pop back in after you have cleaned the interior.

Interior Car Cleaning Tips

So the car exterior is looking mighty clean however the interior is now letting the side down. Here is a little checklist of what to focus on when cleaning and tidying up the inside of the car.

Car interior

TIP – Dare I say it, and I’ll probably get slated for this however baby wipes do a great job of cleaning these surfaces!

TIP – To top it all off, add that final touch by treating the car to a ‘new car’ smell air freshener – nothing beats it!

If you feel like after all this you still have some spare time why not follow with the basic car maintenance checks, click here.


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