10 signs that you’re living with a threenager

You make it through the terrible twos (boy weren’t they challenging) expecting a little break perhaps, until the THREENAGER mini beast is released! Your 3 going 13 year old is unrecognisable and is really, and I mean reeeally testing the boundaries. I certainly was not prepared for what a 3 year old would bring to the household. Some days all I want to do is hide in the bathroom until bedtime, or reach for the wine bottle at 3pm, okay 11am!

Here are ten signs that I think will confirm if you are indeed living with a threenager…

1/ Temper – you’re quite happily going about your day when your little one asks for a snack (for the hundredth time that day) and you dare to say ‘No’ because it it too close to dinner time. Oh boy. The fit of rage my boy displays is borderline hysterical. He throws himself on the floor and everything!

2/ Defiance – when I ask my 3 year old to come and get dressed he always does the complete opposite. In fact, he runs off, hides, plays, anything but do what I have asked of him.

3/ Independence – He has to put on his own shoes, zip up his own coat, dress himself (when I have finally lured him), approve what is in his lunchbox, etc. everything takes three times as long as it should!

4/ Whiny – “ohhh do we have to do that”, “I don’t like that”, “I don’t want to”, “I’m hungry” (even though he was fed 10 minutes ago), the list goes on!

5/ Naughty – We use the ‘time out’ spot in our house, which is a step on the stairs, well to my 3 year that presents a challenge in itself, in that when he is now sent to it (for 3 minutes, 1 min for every year of age) he refuses to stay there! A three minute time out can now be drawn out to 20 minutes!

6/ NO NO NO – Everything is NO!!!!

7/ WHY WHY WHY – Oh yes, THAT phase has well and truly started. Why being said in a whiny voice is a double whammy on the old test the patience factor!

8/ Food preferences – should it be squares or triangles (better check), what colour cup (better check, oops still gave wrong colour even though checked), which type of biscuit (better check… did check… cue tantrum over wrong biscuit), food fallen on the floor (cue tantrum), the list goes on…!

9/ The constant… questions/talking/questions/mumbling/questions/noises/questions/shouting/screaming – it doesn’t stop! “Muuum…”, “Daaad…”, “Muuumm…”!

10/ Sweet, kind and caring – yes, its not ALL bad. They can have the loveliest of moments and spontaneously give you a meaningful hug and a kiss!


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